Requirements Gathering


The first step in any ERP project is the gathering of business requirements.  It is helpful to have an outside consultant facilitate meetings with your business leaders to determine what information they need to manage the business.  We can organize this process and provide written requirements that you can present to potential vendors. 

Solution Selection


Selecting the "best fit" ERP system is critical to the success and ultimate cost of your project.  Our team works with your core team to evaluate potential systems and provide guidance about which system meets the majority of your business requirements out of the box.  This is critical in keeping the cost control of your ERP implementation.  

Solution Architecture


It is rare that any ERP system will meet 100% of your companies requirements with out extensions or external add on products.  We use our vast understanding of what solutions exist in the market place and their costs versus the cost of creating a custom extension to help you to make the correct gap solution decision. 

Project Management microsoft dynamics


We have experience managing global and smaller enterprise level software implementations.  We make sure that the project has a logical plan, excellent documentation, C-level reporting, and the management of scope change. 

Change Management


Change management is key to the success of any enterprise implementation.  Often your associates have been doing their jobs the same way for a long time and when change your ERP system you need to take advantage of the change to better the efficiency of your organization.  This will only occur if you support that change through training.  

Functional Expertise


Your organization may need support in the implementation of different modules or help to migrate data from your legacy system to Dynamics 365.  We can provide support for any module or support data migration and integration efforts.